How to stay present, happy and fall in love with yourself.

Life can be super busy and chaotic, between relationships, family, friends, bills, work…. and the list goes on. When we are focused on all of these elements it is far too easy to lose focus on ourselves.However, it’s important and necessary to be able to step aside and be grateful for everything that we are.

I’m 100% guilty of getting caught up in life. This has lead me to scary places and dark memories. In those moments, I let life take over who I was instead of embracing it. In my saddest moments I found the stregth to pick up the pieces of my misery and put a happier path together. This required changing my lifestyle and nutrition was a major factor. However, there are other little pieces that are equally as important in remaining grounded and happy.

This is how I practice staying present, and focused on continually falling in love with everything that I am.

1. Allocate an hour a day, or an afternoon a week for ALONE TIME. This is so important. Spend this time practicing being in the present moment. Listen to the ocean, go for a walk, try to meditate, watch a fire burn, paint.

2. Tune out negativity. Look for a positive attribute to any negativity. Focus on that attribute.

3. Write down the problem, and list solutions. When you feel overwhelmed, upset, sad, unpresent or unfocused. This will allow you to focus on the solutions by having them right in front of you.

4. Do yoga. It’s only as hard as you want it to be. I swear that nothing keeps me more grounded… I once cried out of happiness in one of my yoga classes, because it’s just that amazing.

5. Smile always and laugh lots. When you smile and laugh happy endorphins are automatically released.

6. Do what you love, and opportunities will follow. Law of attraction baby!

7. Get out of your comfort zone. Always say yes to new and exciting opportunities, the worst outcome can only be that you will learn that you don’t like it.

8. Out with the old in with the new. Surround yourself with positive, like minded people. If you are surrounded with gossip queens, negative Nancy’s and people who say you can’t… Remember that these people bring down your quality of life, and you don’t need that.

9. Take every opportunity to make someones day, the feeling of helping someone is so rewarding.

10. Don’t take life too seriously. Dance, sing, rock those pink pants. And if anyone says anything negative, their bad that they aren’t having as much fun as you!

11. Eat amazing foods, this will keep you feeling good inside and out.

12. Remember that it takes far more effort to be upset at someone or about something then it takes to fix the problem and move on.

I always love feedback on other tricks to staying present. Please share your insight.

xo Kat

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