“Easy Quinoa Temaki”

My best friend has been very aware of my quinoa obsession for quite some time. For Christmas she gifted me with the fantastic recipe book “Quinoa 365”. I found that even though many of the recipes were gluten-free they still contained copious amounts of sugar and dairy, which I’ve chosen to omit from my diet. Living in Vancouver, a very seafood thriving city… I could never say no to any fresh seafood. This is why I was so excited to try out sushi with quinoa!

I found a recipe in the superfood cookbook called Easy Quinoa Temaki, and easy it is. As usual, I added and deleted ingredients to make it my own and it was fantasic. It would also be very simple to change up the ingredients to suit your own personal diet once you get the hang of rolling the nori papers.

ps: Temaki is the easiest sushi to make, great for beginners as it is the shape of a cone, and not rolled up like your typical sushi.

xo Kat

Quinoa Temaki 

2 cups of cooked quinoa

6 tbsp white rice vinegar

1 1/2 tsp liquid honey

1/4 tsp salt

Package of dried sushi nori paper

1 avocado sliced into strips

Handful of thinly sliced pickled ginger

Slices of tuna/salmon sashimi, or crab/imitation crab meat

Handful of Enoki mushrooms

1 cucumber julienne sliced

Handfull of basil

Tamari & wasabi for dipping


Add cooked quinoa to honey, vinegar and salt mixture.

Layout nori paper (you may need to cut in half) rough side up.

Add on tbsp of the quinoa mixture on the left side of the nori about one inch from the edge.

Ontop of the quinoa put the ginger, avocado,cucumber, basil, tuna and mushrooms.

Take the bottom left corner and fold it over the inside ingredients towards the top right.

Keep rolling the norni paper, and it shoul form a cone shape.

Wet the last edge of the paper and it will adhere to the roll.


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