Magical Mantras

I was scrolling through my facebook wall and saw this quote:

“Do something now that you will thank yourself for later”

Its amazing that such a simple quote can have so much meaning. Since coming across these words of wisdom I have enforced this idea as my current mantra. What is a mantra? Simple; My words to live by. In having words to live by, you are intention setting. Intention setting can be very powerful, but also a bit complex to enforce. Some people wake up in the morning and the first thoughts they have before leaving bed is setting their intention for their day. This is an amazing way to achieve goals and even just a great way to stay focused and happy. Intention setting can look a little like this:   “Today will be filled with happiness”. From the time you leave your bed to the time you return, your intention should be in the back of your mind. Throughout the day, encourage yourself to fulfil your intention by remaining open to opportunities, whether that be a call from a friend offering to try something new, dancing down the street, reaching out to a stranger, or helping someone.  It’s almost guaranteed that if you set your mind to something and get out into the world to practice it, the laws of attraction will ensure that the intention is met.

As I am still experimenting with everyday intention setting, I’ve been choosing weekly mantras as my intentions. I find that this is a great way to integrate intention setting into my lifestyle. Thanks to the motivation of my current mantra the past week has been amazing and I’m so excited for this weeks intention:

“Find a positive in everything, and everyone.”

It’s also amazing to include past mantras past the one week, if you found it to enlighten your world during the one week, it should become part of your lifestyle and part of who you are.

Happy mantra practicing!

xo Kat

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