How nutrition and me came to be

Welcome to my world.

A world where vivacious and nutritiously amazing foods are combined in simple ways. I target those bad habits and unhealthy foods by finding tasty alternatives to benefit your health. I love heathy foods, and am so excited to educate you on all of the wonderful options that are available.

I must admit that I haven’t always been the health craze queen. That girl who would eat 2 cheeseburgers, down a diet coke and follow it up with some super sized fries, and then head to dairy queen for a cookie dough blizzard, yes, that was me. Slowly becoming over weight, lonely and uterly depressed I took the last bit of inspiration and motivation left in me and searched for ways to improve my eating habits. I was completly oblivious and uneducated about the foods that were entering my system, additionally unaware of the carbon footprint and animal cruelty happening throughout our food chain.

I started educating myself about nutrition, and failed many times,  as each person craves and needs a different nutrition plan since our bodies like our genes are of an incredibly different make. So I tried it all; vegetarian, raw vegan, plant based diets, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and came to many agreements and disagreements with each lifestyle. Throughout the trial and errors with all of these lifestyles I have been able to find a suitable medium. Learning immensly about the foods that are both nutricious and delicious.

In any diet or new lifestyle the most important key to succees is to be enjoying what you are eating, what it is doing for your health, body, and mind – and to feel full, not bloated!

Welcome to my world, guilt free, nutritional deliciousness.


Kat xo

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